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The Rhythmic Meditation

L.P. Jarun "Akaliko"

‘Akaliko’ is a Pali word that points to one of the five characteristics of the teachings of the Buddha*. It means that what the Buddha taught is to be practiced regardless of time, environment and situation. Practice is not restricted to a certain form or special conditions (such as silence or privacy).

In addition Loo-ang por Tee-an and disciples of his challenge us saying that awareness can be developed by people of all age-groups, sex, nationality, background and even religion. Why is this so? Because awareness is universal; and who or what is not part of the universe?

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L.P. Tee-an "To one that feels "

Luangpor Teean (CE 1911 – 1988) was one of the most remarkable teachers of Buddhist practice to appear in Asia in modern times. His teaching issued very directly from his own experience, intensely personal and original, and in translating the talks collected here from Thai into English we have attempted to achieve the highest fidelity to the original, preserving the talks’ style, rhythms, verve and profundity, together with their occasional peculiarities of expression.

Our overriding concern to present as far as possible an exact English equivalent of Luangpor Teean’s Thai talks has resulted in a text liberally sprinkled with technical terms. With the exceptions of the Thai words roop, nahm and phra, all the technical terms are given in their Pali forms, and each is translated (in parenthesis) at least once in every chapter (except the final chapter). A glossary of Pali terms has been provided to further facilitate the work of understanding.

For their help in the production of this book we would like to thank the following: Richard Baksa, who typed the first draft of this revised edition of To One That Feels onto computer disk; Nancy Steckel, who designed the cover; Olarn Pinkaew, who provided the rope illustrations; the Buddhist Association of the United States and Kongsak Tanphaichitr M.D., in affiliation with Phra Sunthorn Plamintr, president of the Buddhadharma Meditation Center, who contributed the funds for printing this book; and Ed Stauffer, of COMSET Ltd. Bangkok, whose generosity in donating time, materials and his typesetting and design skills has been invaluable.

Bhikkhu Nirodho Tavivat Puntarigvivat
Thailand Bristol, Pennsylvania
July BE 2536 (1993)

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L.P. Kamkee-an "Watching: not being "

Ideally, this book should be read in conjunction with the book ‘NORMALITY’, a translation of talks by the late Thai master LOO-ANG POR TEE-AN CITTASUBHO. That book contains teachings on how to develop awareness using movements of the body as the base, as was taught by the BUDDHA over 2500 years ago and recorded in the discourse on the foundations of awareness*.  
There is also a full biography and several accounts of experiences in practice by disciples of L.P. TEE-AN.

One of the most outstanding of these disciples is LOO-ANG POR KAMKEE-AN, who is still active today.  

He assures us that: ‘I’m not lying, I’m not telling stories and I won’t lead you along the wrong path’.The present text is a collection of his talks given over the years and recorded and in some cases published.        
* The SATIPATTHANA SUTTA – the section on Sampajanya

SAMPAJANYA.L.P.KAMKEE-AN teaches in the style of his own teacher L.P.TEE-AN, in emphasizing the establishment of awareness, rather than an inwardly focused concentration.

Besides the formal practice he recommends  the use of bodily movements and the movements of the mind in the context of ordinary, everyday living.                    

Putting aside for the moment any views that one may already have about meditation - that one has to make the mind one-pointed, that a certain level of concentration is necessary or that internal and external movements are hindrances, for example – will allow someone with an open mind and a kind of pioneer-spirit, to give this method one’s best shot and see for oneself what awareness is about.

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