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The Rhythmic Meditation

Loo-ang por Tee-an
This website provides you with information about developing awareness,according to the words of the Buddha in the (Maha) Satipatthana Sutta - especially the sections on the four postures and on Sampajanya. More specifically, it uses the teachings of the late Thai Insight Meditation master Loo-ang por Tee-an (Luang Por Teean)   and disciples of his such as Loo-ang por Kamkee-an (who is still alive today), Loo-ang por  Jarun  and Mr. Gampon.

Loo-ang por Kamkee-an
The technique used for  the formal practice is based on a set of movements with the hands and arms, called the rhythmic meditation (dynamic meditation) - as well as awareness of walking. This provides a foundation from which awareness becomes integrated into any natural movement throughout one's daily life, including movements of the mind (thoughts, moods, emotions etc.) as well, until awareness becomes automatic (Mahasati).

May your relationship to movement make you more aware,
the monk, Ajahn Tony (Jinavamso)

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